30 June 2009

Growing by leaps and bounds

This morning I was dropping Tristan off at daycare, and he leaned over before I could to open the door. When he tried to turn the knob and he couldn't he did the next logical thing. He banged his hand on the door in a knocking fashion. How smart is my little man, I was so shocked. Its like he understands cause and effect even at a young age.

29 June 2009

Sunday Night Shenanigans

Last night Rick made oh so yummy bbq chicken on the grill with some grilled veggies. Tristan really liked the chicken. I could barely eat because he was eating so much so fast. Well while it was cooking we drug out the exersaucer and chair and Rick drank some coronitas and I found my new favorite drink. I can't describe how yummy it is since this is a pg blog. So good will have to suffice. Then I introduced Tristan to a life of crime. Well not really, we went into the row of townhouses being built down the street. They are way smaller then ours, we learned our lesson after our neighbor cut her foot. Back to my new favorite drink. Its called Captian Morgan Parrot Bay Malt Beverage Pinapple Colada, Pineapple Coconut.
You could probably make it yourself for cheaper, less fat, less sugar and just all around better for you.

28 June 2009

Some pictures from yesterday

Yesterday we took Tristan to see my nephew show my mother in laws pug at the crab cluster dog show. Here are some pictures:

Relaxing and trying to get shade in the hot sun
Hi Mom
Talking to anyone that would listen

11 June 2009

The Ocean & Bouscha's pool

Tristan has always been a water baby. He had fun in the sand and loved the ocean. I am so happy since we love to swim as a family at my Mother in laws. Tristan also spent a good deal of time in the pool. I found sunscreen that came in wipes so you just wiped it on, 9 days and my red headed green eyed monster didn't get burned once.

Feet in the first time.
Hmmm, what is this?
A big wave was coming.
We were both soaked a few minutes after this shot, lol.
In the pool for the first time. He kept trying to put his face under so Rick kept pulling him up.
Going up and down.
They were chatting.
Being pulled around.
Floating alone. He was so happy!

Santa Monica Pier

We went to the Santa Monica pier one day. It was so nice and warm, Tristan loved it. I wonder what he was thinking, the smells, the people, the noise. Everything would be so new to him. I lathered him in sunblock since he has no hair.
He was safe Grandma & Daddy were not letting go of him.

I can never get him to look at the camera.
I don't know why I tilted my head. Looks kinda silly. LOL.
Sea Lion on the lifeguard rescue boat.
Grandma & Daddy looking at the sea lion.
Tristan loved looking at the rides.
Then we watched men fishing. They were catching some too, I forget what kind.
Mom, really I am tired of the camera.
Family Picture. (Tristan was more interested in chewing his stroller.)

04 June 2009

Flying with a 7 month old.

I bought our tickets for this trip three months out. I read then is the cheapest, I knew I wanted to buy Tristan his own seat. I paid $200 each for roundtrip non-stop tickets to LAX from BWI. It was a steal in my book. We had to be to the airport at 6:30 am. We left our house around 5:30. Tristan was not very happy, but as soon as we got to BWI he was amazed at all of the people. I packed his diaper bag with 18 diapers, 2 travel wipes cases, 3 teething rings, 3 toys, and 1 book. I also packed 2 outfits, 3 bibs, 2 bottles, 2 jars of food, a spoon, anti bacterial wipes, 6 pacifiers, 2 blankets, 3 spit rags, and enough formula for 8 bottles. I wanted to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. I found these great little formula cups divided into 4 sections. Each section held enough cereal and formula for one bottle. Using them has been so much quicker and easier.

We decided to board when the first section was called, children and families can board early. Air Tran let us put the car seat in between us, some airlines only let you have the seat by the window as a safety precaution. I will say I never got up once each way on the flight (a five hour flight) there was room to get up but it would have been tight. The carseat has to be forward facing in the middle, you can make it rear facing by the window. I was never really scared of flying until this time. I think it boils down to the fact that I can me off a plane in an emergency, but then trying to get Tristan and I out scared me. I felt sick to my stomach the first two hours, but the flight home I was fine.

I rotated toys in and out of the carseat with Tristan the times he was awake on the flight, he slept 3/4 each way. Tristan made the funniest faces during take off and landing I can only guess maybe his tummy felt funny. We hit a little turbulence both ways, this caused him to laugh and smile. Changing a baby on the plane is interesting, look for the bathroom that has a changing table. Only take a pack of wipes, one diaper, changing pad and whatever else you need with you. I advise against trying to take the whole bag, there is just not enough room. I reserved our seats by the wings, but not over the wings. This allowed me to see out (which I love) and Tristan was able to sleep with the white noise of the engines.

Tristan was so good on the flight, I was very proud of him. It was a little stressful when a few people made comments like I hope he doesn't cry the whole flight. When we were leaving the plane I looked at the one lady that made a bunch of comments and said gee did my baby laughing disturb you? I hope he wasn't too much trouble for you. My husband was a little annoyed that I even bothered to say something. I will write more later I promise. I have a bunch of good pictures and stories.

Memorial Day BBQ Pictures

Here are some pictures. Pardon Tristan's lack of clothes, we were in the California Desert and it was hot. He is not good in heat so I stripped him down. A naked Tristan is a happy Tristan.

02 June 2009

Small Babies

When you have a big baby, Tristan was almost 9 pounds its strange to see little tiny babies. We were out and about when a small little shrimp of a girl walked up to us. Yes walked, she was less then half of Tristan's size. I asked her Mom how old she was, I know my mouth hit the ground when she replied 11 months. She had the same reaction when I said Tristan was 7 months. We talked about size and differences, he daughter was 4 pounds at birth. I think I would be afraid of breaking Tristan if he was ever that small. I have an identical twin sister and we were 3 months premature. I was 1 lb 2 oz, and she was 1 lb 9 oz when we were born, I cant image a baby that small. Especially in 1983, there is a picture of us at John's Hopkins Hospital where we were born, the Doctor has each of us in one hand. Its no wonder they kept us for four months, can you imagine peoples shock if my mom just carried us around that small. I hope the next baby is a big baby, I am not sure I could handle a shrimp. Tristan makes me nervous now, he crawls in a cabinet and will sit there hitting his head over and over again, all the while laughing. My strange little bull in a china shop.

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Having and Raising a Baby!

10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Having and Raising a Baby!

1. Childbirth
They say you forget the pain, but I have yet to forget it. Yes I had a c-section so some mothers will say I took the easy way out. The 16 hours of back labor before the c-section must not count.

2. Poop
I can't clean up dog or animal mess, but I have no problem changing Tristan's diaper and then if need be, showing it to my husband. I never thought three people (my husband, daycare provider, and I) could talk about poop so much! It seems like Tristan is either constipated or is having major blowouts, when do we get the calm in between stage.

3. First Words
Tristan's first word was Dada. I spent so much time saying Mama, I was so jealous he said Dada first. I know that is not fair but I was. I am also jealous he now says Baba (bottle) and a few others, but still no Mama.

4. Sleep
Even when Tristan sleeps through the night, I still get up and check him a million times. I am not sure I will ever get a full nights sleep again. I think there will always be something to worry about.

5. Growing Up
My friends often compare milestones, I don't stress about it. When Tristan is ready to do something he will. It seems he is growing up so fast, why make it faster. He took two steps in California and has not done it again, I don't want him to. I can't handle my 7 month old walking. So enjoy these times, don't feel bad if someone else does something first.

6. Love
I thought I could never love someone as much as my husband. I was wrong I love my son down to the core, I still love my husband but its different. Tristan can bring a smile to my face with one look. He is the light of my life.

7. Looks
Every baby is the cutest baby. Well mine is the cutest in the world but all babies make me stop and look. It must be the innocence and trust they have from day one.

8. Money
A few of my friends say "I will wait until I have the money to have kids." You will never have the money. Kids are so expensive, if you wait you will be 40 and look back and ask why you have no kids. I believe its all about budgeting. We bought a house and had a baby in the same week, our expenses went through the roof. We still manage but its tighter and we don't eat out or vacation as much. I still wouldn't trade it for the world.

9. That kind of Mom
I always knew I would not be that mom, you know what I mean. The mom that was over protective about germs, the mom that could care less about germs. The list goes on and on. I have decided to be me, the only Mom I can be. At the airport I let Tristan crawl all over. I got nasty looks and comments. Pardon me, he needs to get some energy out before a 5 hour flight. When he was done, I scooped him up and used an antibacterial wipe from the diaper bag. Guess what he lived, so all is good.

10. Emotions
I can still 7 months later break out in tears at the drop of a pin, I hope one day that the emotional roller-coaster is over. I blame it on hormones, but who knows.