30 September 2009

Fake Temper Tantrum

Yes we have them and I got one on camera. Next time I will have to try video.

Mom I don't want to leave-
Please Mom I want to stay home today.
Let me peek and see what she is doing.
Oh she has the camera.
I better put bop (pacifier) in and get up.
Hi Mom
Everything is ok here. Nothing to see. Time to move on.

29 September 2009

I love my froggy jammies yes I do!

Resting in the sunshine of the day!
Giving the lawnmower the side eye.
Mom put the camera down.
Mom, what are those people doing across the street?

19 September 2009

Birthday Banner 1 of 3 is DONE!

This is probably the first finished project since middle/high school home economics.
Also a random picture of Tristan sleeping.

My early afternoon surprise

I was going downstairs when I saw this:
So I made Rick get it to take it outside. He tried this:

Well that didn't work, it fell here:

Another shot:

So I put him on our tree:

My last shot: