Fake Temper Tantrum

Yes we have them and I got one on camera. Next time I will have to try video.

Mom I don't want to leave-
Please Mom I want to stay home today.
Let me peek and see what she is doing.
Oh she has the camera.
I better put bop (pacifier) in and get up.
Hi Mom
Everything is ok here. Nothing to see. Time to move on.

I love my froggy jammies yes I do!

Resting in the sunshine of the day!
Giving the lawnmower the side eye.
Mom put the camera down.
Mom, what are those people doing across the street?

Birthday Banner 1 of 3 is DONE!

This is probably the first finished project since middle/high school home economics.
Also a random picture of Tristan sleeping.

My early afternoon surprise

I was going downstairs when I saw this:
So I made Rick get it to take it outside. He tried this:

Well that didn't work, it fell here:

Another shot:

So I put him on our tree:

My last shot:

Playing at daycare